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Pride, Dedication. Honor

These are the ideas displayed by the fine men and women of our armed
forces through the generations. Today it is our turn to honor those
who fought by reflecting on the values, rights and dreams which they
served proudly to protect. It is with great pride that we salute
them through the "BOWLERS VICTORY LINK" Drive. During the coming
month of February, the officers and directors of the Greater
Pittsburgh Ten Pin Bowling Assoc. will make its annual appeal on
behalf of the Annual BVL drive to all the local sanctioned and non
sanctioned bowlers throughout the metropolitan area. Since its
inception in 1942, the commitment and mission of this fund drive has
always remained comnstant. That is remembering and supporting those
who had fought to preserve these values, rights and dreams. Our
armed forces.
I know that there are many worthwhile and notable charities that
touch the bowlers heart throughout the year. I cant remember when
the bowling industry has ever refused to support any one of these
charities amd we all can attest to this. However, believe me when i
say, "Bowlers in general are the front runners when it comes to
providing the bulk of funds and supporting these note worthy
charities". The drive provides the necessary funding for many special
interests and needs of our hospitalized and disabled veterans
currently being cared for in the one hundred seventy-one VA medical
centers throughout the United States. Then too, it also provides
grants for special recreational equipment and services which are not
included in many of these centers' budget to rehabilitate the
disabled veterans. So please help.
The manner in which the collections could be done will vary from
center to center or league to league. That decision is entirely up
to you. Some worthy and notable suggestions that have been used in
the past are direct solicitations or passing the "HAT" among the
bowlers, a 50/50 Drawing or even holding a mini tourament among the
bowlers with a portion of the prize fund being donated toward the
Again we can only ask for your support. We dont expect everyone to
give a lot. But maybe just maybe, you'll find it in your heart to
spare some small pocket change or even a dollar bill..... anything to
support this drive. It would greatly appreciated if every league
would make a token of their appreciation to this worthy cause. It;s
only one very small way that we can show and express ouor thanks and
appreciation to all the fallen comrades that gace up their lives to
protect this great nation. Let's now return our appreciation by
giving a small token of our gratitude to those who returned home

Individual contributions can be sent to"
Greater Pittsburgh Tenpin Bowling Association
105 Penn Plaza
Turtle Creek, Pa. 15145

Thank you in advance for your support of this program